Keynote Speakers

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE

Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute
UN Messenger of Peace

In July 1960, Jane Goodall began her landmark study of chimpanzee behavior in what is now Tanzania. Her work at Gombe Stream would become the foundation of future primatological research and redefine the relationship between humans and animals.

In 1977, Goodall established the Jane Goodall Institute, which continues the Gombe research and is a global leader in the effort to protect chimpanzees and their habitats. The institute is widely recognized for innovative, community-centered conservation and 
development programs in Africa and Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, the global environmental and humanitarian youth program.

Goodall founded Roots & Shoots with a group of Tanzanian students in 1991. Today, Roots & Shoots connects hundreds of thousands of youth in more than 120 countries who take action to make the world a better place for people, animals and the environment. Goodall travels an average of 300 days per year, speaking about the threats facing chimpanzees, other environmental crises and her reasons for hope that humankind will 
solve the problems it has imposed on the earth.

Goodall’s honors include the French Legion of Honor, the Medal of Tanzania and Japan’s prestigious Kyoto Prize. In 2002, Goodall was appointed to serve as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, and in 2003, she was named a Dame of the British Empire. For more information about Goodall and the work of the Jane Goodall Institute, please visit www.janegoodall.org.

I am delighted to participate in the Educating for a Just, Peaceful & Sustainable Future humane education conference. One of the most important messages I share, as I give lectures around the world, is the importance of education for creating lasting, positive change for the earth, animals, and all people. At this conference participants will discover many ways in which they can teach others so that together we can make the world a better place for all living things – everyday. – Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE

Photo of Dr. Goodall © Stuart Clark.

Arun Gandhi
Arun Gandhi
Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi
Founder of the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute

Born in 1934 in Durban, South Africa, Arun is the fifth grandson of India’s legendary leader Mohandas K. “Mahatma” Gandhi. Growing up under the discriminatory apartheid laws of South Africa, he was beaten by “white” South Africans for being too black and “black” South Africans for being too white. The young Gandhi sought eye-for-an-eye justice. However, he learned from his parents and grandparents that justice does not mean revenge; it means transforming the opponent through love and suffering.

His grandfather taught Arun to understand nonviolence through understanding violence. “If we know how much passive violence we perpetrate against one another, we will understand why there is so much physical violence plaguing societies and the world,” the elder Gandhi said. Through daily lessons, Arun says, he learned about violence and about anger.

Arun Gandhi shares these lessons all around the world. For the past five years, he has participated in the Renaissance Weekend deliberations with President Bill Clinton and other well-respected Rhodes Scholars. This year, some of his engagements have included speaking at the Chicago Children’s Museum and the Women’s Justice Center in Ann Arbor, Mich. He also delivered talks at the Young Presidents' Organization in Mexico, the Trade Union Leaders’ Meeting in Milan, Italy, and the Peace and Justice Center in St. Louis, Mo. Sometimes his journeys take him even further. Gandhi has spoken in Croatia, France, Ireland, Holland, Lithuania, Nicaragua, China, Scotland and Japan. He is also a very popular speaker on college campuses. In the past year, he has spoken at North Dakota State University, Concordia College, Baker University, Morehouse College, Marquette University and the University of San Diego. 

Gandhi is very involved in social programs and writing, as well. Shortly after he married his wife, Sunanda, they were informed the South African government would not allow her to accompany him there. The couple decided to live in India, and Gandhi worked for 30 years as a journalist for The Times of India. Together, they started projects for the social and economic uplifting of the oppressed using constructive programs, the backbone of the elder Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence. The programs changed the lives of more than half a million people in over 300 villages, and they continue to grow. Sunanda died in February 2007, and the family is working to establish a school in poorest rural India in her name.

Gandhi is the author of several books. The first, "A Patch of White" (1949), is about life in prejudiced South Africa. Later, he wrote two books on poverty and politics in India and contributed to a compilation of quotes by his grandfather, "The Wit and Wisdom of Gandhi." He also edited a book of essays, "World Without Violence: Can Gandhi’s Vision Become Reality?" and, more recently, wrote "The Forgotten Woman: The Untold Story of Kastur, the Wife of Mahatma Gandhi," jointly with his wife, Sunanda.

Zoe Weil
Zoe Weil
Co-founder and President of the Institute for Humane Education (IHE)

Zoe Weil is the co-founder and president of the Institute for Humane Education (IHE) and is considered a pioneer in the comprehensive humane education movement, which works to create a humane, peaceful, healthy and just world for all people, animals and the environment through education. Weil created IHE’s M.Ed., M.A. and graduate certificate programs, as well as IHE’s acclaimed humane education and MOGO (Most Good) workshops and online courses.

Weil is the author of Nautilus Silver Medal winner Most Good, Least Harm: The Simple Principle for a Better World and a Meaningful Life (2009), The Power and Promise of Humane Education (2004) and Above All, Be Kind: Raising a Humane Child in Challenging Times (2003). She has also written books for young people, including Moonbeam Gold Medal winner Claude and Medea: The Hellburn Dogs (2007), about 12-year-old activists inspired by an eccentric substitute teacher to right wrongs where they find them, and So, You Love Animals: An Action-Packed, Fun-Filled Book to Help Kids Help Animals (1994). She has written numerous articles on humane education and humane living and has appeared frequently on radio and television. In 2012, she and her work were featured in Forbes magazine online.

In 2010, Weil gave her first TEDx talk, “The World Becomes What You Teach,” which became one of the 50 top-rated of more than 12,000 TEDx talks. Since then she has given three other TEDx talks: “Solutionaries,” “Educating for Freedom” and “How to Be a Solutionary.”

Weil speaks regularly at universities, conferences and schools, and in communities across the North America and periodically overseas. She has also served as a consultant on humane education to people and organizations around the world, and serves on the board of directors of HEART.

In 2012 Weil debuted her one-woman show, “My Ongoing Problems With Kindness: Confessions of MOGO Girl,” and now brings humane issues to communities through entertainment.

In 2010 Weil was inducted into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame, and in 2012 she was honored with the Women in Environmental Leadership award at Unity College. In 2012, her portrait was painted by Robert Shetterly for the Americans Who Tell the Truth portrait series.

Weil received master’s degrees in theological studies from Harvard Divinity School in 1988 and English literature from the University of Pennsylvania in 1983. She is certified in psychosynthesis counseling, a form of psychotherapy that relies upon the intrinsic power of each person’s imagination to promote growth, creativity, health and transformation.


Meena Alagappan, Esq.

Executive Director, Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (HEART)

Meena is the executive director of HEART (Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers). Prior to joining HEART, she was a humane education consultant for Animal Welfare Trust. She also taught with Advantage Testing and practiced law at Shea and Gould. Meena is former chair of the Animal Law Committees of the American Bar Association and the New York City Bar. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Mayor’s Alliance for New York City’s Animals and Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society. She authored “The United States Enforcement of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species” published in Northwestern University’s Journal of International Law and Business and co-authored “A Note on Pedagogy: Humane Education Making a Difference” in the Journal of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies. Meena received her B.A. from Cornell University, J.D. from Northwestern University School of Law, and M.S. from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Chelsea Alonzo

Freshman, St. Jean Baptiste High School

Chelsea Alonzo is a sophomore at St. Jean Baptiste High School. She feels that being part of HEART was an amazing opportunity as she learned how to make choices that do the most good and least harm to herself, other people, animals, and the earth. She learned how essential it is to be aware of how animals get treated and ways to reduce causing them harm. She learned from an early age how our choices affect others who share this planet with us. She now feels that she has an opportunity to make positive choices and make a change. She hopes to one day make an impact on people's lives and be able to change their opinions about animals and the environment in positive ways. In her spare time, she co-chairs a community service group that participates in different community service projects over the school year. Chelsea also loves running, swimming, and reading. She is very interested in science and learning new things, and enjoys challenging herself.

Nancy Barr
Nancy Barr
Program Director, Animal Action Education, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

Based at the world headquarters of the International Fund for Animal Welfare in Massachusetts, Nancy Barr is Director of IFAW’s global Animal Action Education programs, which reaches 5,000,000 educators and young people worldwide each year with animal welfare and conservation-themed teaching resources and special events organized by IFAW teams in 18+ countries. The program focuses on meeting educator needs by integrating humane and environmental education with core curricula and organized youth activities. Prior to joining IFAW in 2006, Nancy worked as an independent documentary producer, features editor focusing on environmental and social issues for the United Nations, and international reporter for Time Magazine and CBS News. She holds a Masters degree in International Relations from the University of Southern California and a BA from Williams College.

Marc Bekoff
Dr. Marc Bekoff
Author, Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder

Marc Bekoff is Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado and a former Guggenheim Fellow. In 2009 he was presented with the Saint Francis of Assisi Award by the Auckland (New Zealand) SPCA. Marc has published more than 500 scientific and popular essays and twenty-three books including The Ten Trusts (with Jane Goodall), The Emotional Lives of Animals, Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals. The Animal Manifesto: Six Reasons for Expanding Our Compassion Footprint, Ignoring Nature No More: The Case For Compassionate Conservation, Jasper's Story: Saving Moon Bears, and two editions of the Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare. In 2005 Marc was presented with The Bank One Faculty Community Service Award for the work he has done with children, senior citizens, and prisoners as part of Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots program. His websites are marcbekoff.com and, with Jane Goodall, www.ethologicalethics.org.

Sam Chaltain
Sam Chaltain
Writer and Education Activist

Sam Chaltain is a DC-based writer and education activist. He works with schools, school districts, and public and private sector companies to help them create healthy, high-functioning learning environments. Previously, Sam was the National Director of the Forum for Education & Democracy, an education advocacy organization, and the founding director of the Five Freedoms Project, a national program that helps K-12 educators create more democratic learning communities. Sam also spent five years at the First Amendment Center as the co-director of the First Amendment Schools program.

Sam’s writings about his work have appeared in both magazines and newspapers, including the Washington Post, Education Week and USA Today. A periodic contributor to CNN and Huffington Post, Sam is also the author or co-author of six books.

Sam has a Master’s degree in American Studies from the College of William & Mary, and an M.B.A. from George Washington University, where he specialized in non-profit management and organizational theory.

Kasey Chan

6th Grade, PS 184 Shuang Wen School

Kasey Chan is a student at PS 184 Shuang Wen School in the lower east side of Manhattan. Kasey has been with Shuang Wen School since Pre-K, and is in its dual curricula program learning English and Chinese. In addition to these curricula, she has been fortunate to be involved with other enriching programs, such as HEART. Since Shuang Wen School partnered with HEART, Kasey has gained another perspective on factory farms, puppy mills, and child labor. She has a new awareness of how people, animals, and the environment should be treated. The experience has helped her realize that she can directly contribute and help change the world in a positive way.

Kasey enjoys many subjects at school, but she particularly likes science. She is also quite active with piano, chess, and creative writing lessons.  For sports, she likes swimming, bicycling, and archery. Kasey aspires to become a physician and help people.

Lisbet Chiriboga

Teacher, C.S. 50; Humane Education Committee Board, United Federation of Teachers

Chiriboga has been a New York City public school teacher for close to a decade. Ms. Chiriboga currently teaches English as a Second Language to kindergarten through fifth grade at P. S. 111 in the Bronx. She sits on the Executive Board of the United Federation of Teachers – Humane Education Committee and has conducted numerous teacher workshops on humane themes. Ms. Chiriboga incorporates humane education throughout the curriculum daily as well as teaching afterschool clubs focused on animals and the environment. She is also the Humane Educator for the summer camp at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Ms. Chiriboga was selected as Educator of the Week in April 2008 by the New York State Lottery and Channel 41 (Univision). Ms. Chiriboga is one of the founders of Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (HEART).

Jaimie P. Cloud

Founder and President, The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education

Jaimie P. Cloud is a thought leader in the field of Education for Sustainability. She has authored The Cloud Institute’s EfS Framework, and several peer-reviewed journal chapters and articles on Sustainability and the significance of Education for Sustainability. Jaimie works extensively with educators, administrators, and school boards across the nation. She designs and facilitates professional development programs and directs the collaborative development of numerous instructional units and courses for K-12 and Higher Education designed to teach and learn across disciplines through the lens of sustainability. In addition to her commitment to furthering the mission of The Cloud Institute, Jaimie serves as an advisor, board member or committee member to several organizations with related goals and interests.

Steve Dahlberg
Steven Dahlberg
Director, International Centre for Creativity and Imagination

Steven Dahlberg is director of the International Centre for Creativity and Imagination and partner in Future Workplace. He co-hosts the “Creativity in Play” radio show, edits the “Applied Imagination” blog and authored the foreword to the book “Education is Everybody’s Business.” Steven has more than 20 years of experience collaborating with artists, scientists, business people, educators, nonprofit and government professionals to help people develop and apply their creativity. He serves on the board of the National Creativity Network, and has taught “Creativity + Social Change” at the University of Connecticut, as well as courses and seminars for several universities.

Dani DennenbergDani Dennenberg

Humane Educator and Portland Program Director, Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (HEART)

Dani was the first graduate of the Institute for Humane Education’s Master’s Program in 2003. Dani directed IHE’s certificate program and served as adjunct faculty through their M.Ed. partnership with Cambridge College and also facilitated Sowing Seeds Workshops for the Institute. She founded/led the Seeds for Change humane education program in San Diego from 2000 until 2008 reaching over 15,000 students, teachers and administrators. As part of her efforts with SFC, she also taught a year-long elective course in global ethical issues for 10-12th graders at Cortez Hill Academy, one of her career highlights.

She has also directed higher education partnerships for the Northwest Earth Institute and served with AmeriCorps’ Students in Service program, fine-tuning her passion for service learning and community partnership development.

She will be pursuing a doctoral degree with the University of Portland’s EdD program in Learning and Leading in 2014 and holds a B.A. in Sociology from the UCSD.

Melissa Feldman
Melissa Feldman
Faculty, Valparaiso University and the Institute for Humane Education (IHE)

Melissa Feldman is on the faculty of the Institute for Humane Education’s online master’s progams in humane education. She has been a humane educator since 1985 and received both her bachelor’s and master’s of education degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. Melissa has been a humane educator for Peace Games and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Prior to her career in humane education, Melissa was a model and then fashion coordinator for a designer in New York City where she produced runway shows and created “the look” for advertising campaigns. These firsthand experiences proved invaluable and have helped shape Melissa’s knowledge of and passion for media literacy.

Barbara Fiore

Board Chair, Institute for Humane Education (IHE)

Barbara Fiore is an independent consultant and chair of the Board of Directors for the Institute for Humane Education. She has worked in the field of education for over 20 years in formal and informal settings. She was an instructor and program director for Outward Bound for 15 years and a service-learning specialist and education consultant at KIDS Consortium for nearly 8 years. She volunteers for the Coastal Humane Society and teaches Nordic skiing for the Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation program. She and her husband Anders, live and grow vegetables at their home in Portland, Maine with their dog, Enzo.

Nikhil Goyal
Nikhil Goyal
Author; Speaker; Founder, Learning Revolution

Lauded by the Washington Post as a future U.S. Secretary of Education, at age 17, Nikhil Goyal is the author of One Size Does Not Fit All: A Student’s Assessment of School, by the Alternative Education Resource Organization. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, MSNBC, NPR, FOX and Friends, FOX Business, NBC Nightly News, The Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Psychology Today, and Education Week. In 2012, Goyal was named one of the “World Changers” for Dell #Inspire 100. He is also 2013 Forbes 30 Under 30: Education and ORIGIN Magazine: The Nation’s Top Creatives.

For his efforts in education, Goyal accepted the 2013 Freedom Flame Award. Past winners have included Dr. Martin Luther King and John Lewis.

An international speaker, Goyal has spoken at NBC, M.I.T., Dell, SXSW, Cisco, Fast Company, Florida International University, College of the North Atlantic, and other conferences around the world. He is also a guest lecturer at Baruch College.

Goyal serves on the board of FairTest and is an education advisor to Hill Krishnan’s 2013 campaign for New York City Council. He is also leading a Learning Revolution movement to transform the American school system. Goyal lives with his family in Woodbury, New York.

Marilyn Torres
Marilyn Torres Guidice
Teacher, Creston Academy

Marilyn Guidice recieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Adelphi University and Masters of Science from Mercy College where she majored in both Theatre and Special Education. Currently she is attending Lehman College where she will receive a Masters of Biology. Marilyn has worked as a special education teacher, art teacher, mentor and science coach. She is in her eleventh year of teaching elementary/middle school at the Creston Campus. She has been involved with HEART for the last two years and is honored to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

Kristina Hulvershorn
Kristina Hulvershorn
Humane Educator and Indianapolis Program Director, Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (HEART)

Kristina has taught in the public school system for six years, specializing in the emotional and behavioral lives of students. She maintains certification as a K-12 learning specialist. She earned a B.A. in both General and Special Education as well as extensive coursework in nonprofit management. She earned a master’s degree in Humane Education from the Institute for Humane Education. In 2009 Kristina founded The Ethic Project in order to offer holistic and empowering educational services to students in Chicago. She has worked as a leader in Chicago Public Schools, managing groups of fifty educators at a time, problem solving, and creating strategic plans to best provide meaningful educational opportunities in schools. Kristina has worked with a large variety of community organizations, consistently working to inspire compassion and justice.

Raquel Ireifej
Senior, Greenwich High School

Raquel Ireifej is a senior at Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Conn. She has been a member of the Roots and Shoots National Youth Leadership Council of the Jane Goodall Institute for three years and has been involved with Roots and Shoots for eight years. Raquel is a co-founder of Greenwich High School's Roots & Shoots club. The club has completed several high-impact service projects including the building of a well and school in Mali. The group also works on various projects ranging from making friendship bracelets for students in Haiti to creating text books for students in Mali. The Greenwich Roots & Shoots also works with the Greenwich Land Trust organization in removing invasive species in Greenwich and replacing them with native species. Raquel has also been actively involved with the organization, Invisible Children which raises awareness about wars in Uganda, South Sudan, and the D.R.C. -- all of which have involved child soldiers. Raquel loves to inspire her peers and hopes to continue to empower the youth to make a positive change in their communities. She also enjoys playing basketball and volunteering for the local Help the Homeless and Heroes clubs.

Kimberly Korona
Humane Education Instructor and Program Coordinator, Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (HEART)

Kimberly has most recently been a humane education instructor for the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) where she reached about 9,000 students over the past couple of years. She expanded the MHS humane education program to include the following new subjects: anti-violence, animal homelessness, and global warming for middle school and high school students. Kim also developed a new program for K-6.

Kim received her B.A. from Goddard College/Green Mountain College in Vermont and then graduated from the Institute for Humane Education’s M.Ed. program. Kim also developed summer programs for children, offered adult programs in humane education, and has been a facilitator for the Institute for Humane Education’s Sowing Seeds and MOGO Workshops.

Kristina Korona

IB Coordinator, Middle Years Programme, Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Kristina Korona, an IB Coordinator for the Middle Years Programme in Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Maryland, has been a teacher for twelve years. She has taught secondary English for eleven years and has been an IB Coordinator for five. She earned her bachelor’s in liberal arts from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, and her master’s in secondary English education from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Her passion for the IB mission to “create a better and more peaceful world” made her an advocate for incorporating humane education into her school’s curriculum.

Mickey Kudia
Mickey Kudia
Humane Education Instructor, Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (HEART)

Mickey Kudia is a humane education instructor with HEART in Chicago. He is currently working on a Masters in Humane Education from Valparaiso University/Institute for Humane Education. His master’s thesis is on applying the best practices of service-learning to humane education and developing a resource guide for educators on this topic. As an educator with HEART, he has led several service learning projects, including a student lead project where students created an assembly on gang violence for their peers.

Kamilah Martin
Kamilah Martin
National Program Manager, Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots

Kamilah is a national program manager at Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots, The Jane Goodall Institute's global environmental and humanitarian youth program. In her role with JGI, Kamilah is responsible for managing the Roots & Shoots National Youth Leadership Council, and Roots & Shoots professional development efforts in service learning with educators in New York City, Los Angeles and Colorado. 
Kamilah spent a good portion of her career working in philanthropy where she was in the position of helping to fund nonprofit organizations and young adults working all over the globe for various civic, educational, and personal pursuits. She is also the Founder of Positive Prospects, a youth development, experiential learning organization based in Brooklyn, NY. Kamilah is a graduate of the City University of New York’s National Urban Fellows leadership program, where she also earned her Master’s in Public Administration. She earned her undergraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Chris Parrucci

Humane Educator Instructor, Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (HEART)

Christopher Parrucci is a humane education instructor for HEART. He teaches humane education programs for students of all ages at schools in NYC and Long Island, conducts trainings for educators, assists with curriculum and video development, and co-teaches HEART’s summer camp. Chris joined HEART after directing the New York office of Humane League, a small non-profit organization dedicated to farmed animal protection. He received his B.S. in Secondary Education-Social Studies from New York University and taught U.S. History and Government, Global History electives and led two Advisory cohorts at a public high school in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Chris received his J.D. from Hofstra University School of Law, where he helped restart its Student Animal Legal Defense Fund chapter. While in law school, Chris worked full time at a law office and interned for organizations such as Equal Justice Alliance, NYC’s Administration for Children’s Services Legal Department and Best Friends Animal Society.

Clayton S. Reynolds
Senior, Voyagers' Community School

Clayton, having been educated in a progressive school environment from preschool through high school, applies a different lens than that of his peers when looking at the world and encountering everyday issues. During his academic career he has spoken at education conferences, served as a board member for the Voyagers' Peace Conference, participate in Most Good Least Harm classes and represented the unique nature of a humane education in his words and deeds. At school he is a peace officer and mentor to younger students and an accomplished student. Outside of school Clayton is an outspoken advocate for a culture of justice and fair play and seizes every opportunity to raise consciousness and take action. He is most effective in his everyday conversations, writings and his promotion of bands and music that speaks to changing world views.

Bill Samuels

Director of Assessment, CUNY, College of Staten Island

Bill Samuels has created and evaluated numerous education lessons, curricula and programs for primary and secondary schools; colleges; and after-school, government, non-profit, and community-based organizations. Currently the Director of Assessment and Accreditation at the College of Staten Island/CUNY, Dr. Samuels has published and presented research on humane education, education program evaluation, statistics and psychometrics, teacher professional development, and animal-assisted interventions. His research interests include human-animal interactions, prosocial development, resilience, and best teaching practices—especially for students who are at-risk and in non-traditional settings. He is also interested in preventing violence and understanding how some children remain humane and resilient even in the most stifling environments.

Shawn Sweeney
Shawn Sweeney
National Director, Youth Outreach & Engagement, Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots

Shawn is the national director for youth outreach and engagement at Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots, the Jane Goodall Institute's global environmental and humanitarian youth program. In his role, Shawn is responsible for engaging and empowering young people, growing the Roots & Shoots network via social media and cutting-edge technology, leading national service-learning campaigns, fundraising, and communications. Shawn has worked in youth leadership and community service for over 15 years. Shawn completed a masters of education degree in humane education with the Institute for Humane Education in 2011, and a bachelor of arts degree in animal behavior at the College of Wooster in 2006. 
Shawn is a United Nations NGO Representative for the Jane Goodall Institute and serves as a co-chair of the UN NGO committee for the International Day of Peace.

The Peace Poets

The Peace Poets are a collective of artists that celebrate, examine and advocate for life through music and poetry. Their art can take you on a journey from the Boogie Down to Berlin, from the border to the bodega. Their style emphasizes lyricism, rhythm and authenticity. The Peace Poets hail from the Bronx and have been rocking the mic since 2005.

Humane Education in Action Lightning Presenters
(in order of appearance)

Wendy Brawer
Founding Director, Green Map System

Wendy is Green Map System's Founder and Director. She has been an eco-designer, public educator and consultant since 1990, as seen at EcoCultural.info. Wendy created the first Green Apple Map of New York City in 1992 and published the 5th citywide edition in 2006. Wendy initiated the global Green Map System in 1995 and continues to lead its development. She is founder of a small eco-design firm, Modern World Design, that focused on energy generation and waste reduction. She has taught at NYU, Cooper Union and presented at more than 50 universities and conferences. Recognition includes as one of the 50 Visionairies (Utne 2009), (Woman of Earth/Terre de Femmes (Yves Rocher Foundation 2005), Designer in Residence, (Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum 1997) and a Sea Change Award (Gaea Foundation 2003).

Pei-Feng Su
Chief Executive Officer, ACTAsia for Animals

Pei-Feng Su is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of ACTAsia for Animals, a registered charity in the UK with personnel based in Asia and Europe. Pei has been active in animal advocacy for 20 years, with major experience in humane education. She spearheaded the humane education programme to lead a group of teachers to develop the first humane education teaching pack for Taiwan in 1998. ACTAsia has worked extensively in China for 7 years. Through her organisation, she set up the Caring for Life: Humane Education Course in China from 2012. This course is now in use by many Chinese schools and will be taught in four major cites in China, teaching thousands of students in 2013/14.

Betsy Farrell-Messenger
Science Educator

Betsy began her teaching career as an environmental educator loving her outdoor classroom. After earning her M.A. in Elementary Education, she has been teaching science in independent schools for 11 yrs. Currently, Betsy is working towards her M.Ed. Certificate in Humane Education with Institute for Humane Education through Valparaiso University. Betsy is grateful to be able in incorporate humane education in to her teachings and inspire Earthly stewardship to the students.

Victoria O. Chiatula, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Education and Program Director, Humane Education, Valparaiso University

Dr. Victoria Oliaku Chiatula is an Igbo from Anambra State Nigeria in West Africa. Victoria is an Assistant Professor of Education and Program Director for Humane Education at Valparaiso University. Victoria has been in education for over 20 years. She has a variety of experience in multiple diverse settings including: (a) Teaching elementary, middle school, and university undergraduate/graduate students, (b) Central office school administrator, and (c) International research in Africa. Victoria has a passion for innovative transformative practices in education. Her current research is on developing alternative education models and building effective community partnerships to maximize the teaching and learning of students within diverse communities.

Stephanie Klempner
Co-Founder, The Pollination Project

Stephanie teamed up with Ari (her brother-in-law) to create The Pollination Project. The Pollination Project believes in the power of ordinary people to do extraordinary things. We make $1,000 seed grants to individual change-makers every day of the year.  

Jocelyn Chiu & Courtney Piotrowski
Elementary School Teachers

Jocelyn Chiu and Courtney Piotrowski worked collaboratively at PS 184M in fifth grade for four years. Jocelyn graduated with an M.A. in Elementary Inclusive Education from Teachers College, and has been teaching for six years. Courtney received her M.A. in Education from the University of Connecticut, and has been teaching for eleven years. During their time together, they grew a passion for bringing humane education and service learning to the classroom. It was this passion that helped them partner with HEART and Kimberly Korona. They hope to inspire other educators to bring humane education into the classroom.

Marion MacGillivray & Pierce Delahunt
Educator and Charter School Consultant & Peace Activist in Education and the Arts

Marion and her husband, Keith Alpaugh, were the co- founders and administered a Montessori K-12 charter school serving over 1200 students at five campuses in the greater Sacramento area. As Charter School Consultants they assisted in the planning and implementation of numerous charter schools in California. As a Grant Writer, Marion secured private, State, and Federal grants for technology and education totaling tens of millions of dollars. Marion had retired from education when she discovered The Solutionary Schools model, and she is so inspired by it that she intends to help it succeed.

Pierce Delahunt attended high schools in New York City. After transferring in the middle of his sophomore year, he realized how different education could be, if given the chance. He became interested in social-emotional learning, eventually teaching the subject after college. On a class field trip to VegFest, he found IHE, where he immediately applied. He and Marion and others met at Residency, where they decided to found Solutionary Schools.

Director, Voyagers' Community School

Karen began her teaching career in Harvard, Massachusetts where she taught 5th, 6th and 8th grade social studies. This was followed by years of serving as a teacher and director of fitness and recreation programs. Karen developed an elementary interdisciplinary curriculum as a researcher and writer and then trainer and promoter of a national physical education based program, Physical Best. Karen’s children inspired her to create a progressive learning environment that honors children. She founded Voyagers’ Community School in 2004 after spending 18 months composing the philosophical education foundation that guides day-to-day operations.

Rosana Ng
Director of the Greater China Region, Institute for Humane Education

Rosana worked in collaboration with Animals Asia Foundation to set up a website called "Hong Kong Humane Education Coalition" and has been delivering teacher training workshops and humane education resources to schools and teachers in Hong Kong. In 2014, she will be delivering an even larger scale teacher training program in China. The Institute for Humane Education is "GOING GLOBAL."

Andrea Neiman
Art Teacher, Columbia High School, East Greenbush, NY

Andrea has taught art at the secondary level in the public school system for six years. She feels fortunate to have a flexible curriculum in which she has the opportunity to incorporate elements of humane education and social justice into many of her lessons. Andrea earned her Master of Art in Liberal Studies degree from Skidmore College, where she created a visual arts curriculum utilizing clothing as a means for teaching young people about sustainability and social justice.

Nina Rosa Jacob
Animal Rights Activist; Founder and President, Instituto Nina Rosa

Nina Rosa Jacob is an animal rights activist, panelist, founder and president of Instituto Nina Rosa - Projects for Love of Life, an independent organization that uses humane education to promote the appreciation of animal life. The organization produces videos and books to support education and inspire people to have courage to build a more just and peaceful society.

David Sidwell, Ph.D.
Educator and Nonprofit Leader

David Sidwell is an educator and nonprofit leader from Logan, Utah. He is an active curriculum designer for several organizations and teaches online classes for at two universities. He also runs a community theatre company and is helping to get a space-themed children's museum started. As an event designer, he has created large festivals for tens of thousands to smaller events at schools and in communities. Dr. Sidwell actively travels his home state helping classrooms create and stage mini operas as part of Utah Festival Opera's "Opera By Children" program as well as performing as a professional storyteller and fine art photographer.

Debby Lee Cohen
Director and Founder, Cafeteria Culture

Cafeteria Culture (CafCu), founded as Styrofoam Out of Schools, is working creatively and collaboratively to achieve zero-waste school cafeterias and vibrant communities. They teach schools how to significantly reduce garbage by empowering students to be Cafeteria Rangers, leading arts-based workshops, producing engaging videos, and creating alternative forms of messaging, such as giant puppets. CafCu is the recipient of a 2013 Environmental Quality Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency for reducing polystyrene lunch tray usage in NYC’s 1700 schools.

Kristina Stoney
Director, ISMOTION

Kristina's the director of ISMOTION, a values-led company that engages in projects to inspire connection, foster creativity, and develop solutions towards a sustainable and humane future. She has fifteen years experience directing projects in Canada, the Caribbean, Guatemala India and currently in Australia where she is living.